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USL Medical is committed to becoming a world class supplier of healthcare products to the New Zealand market. Our core belief is that we will achieve success through service to, and partnerships with our clients.
With this in mind, USL Medical has spent almost 30 years developing a product range and systems which allow our customers to focus on their patients – leaving USL to get on with the business of supplying their product In Full, On Time and In Specification.
We recognise that there are only a few ways left to create a defining point of difference, making USL the supplier of choice in the New Zealand healthcare market – our difference is found in the commitment we demonstrate to service and the value we add to our clients’ business through these innovative products and systems.
Our stakeholders include the care providers and patients who rely on our ability to supply the right product at the right time, and our employees, to whom we are committed to providing an entrepreneurial environment that stimulates and rewards their creativity and innovation.
Equally, we know that our relationships over time will only be maintained if the partnerships we build are based on integrity, honesty and transparency.

Karen Longdill
Managing Director

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USL Medical partners with Dr Tom on a Mission
We are thrilled to be sponsors of Dr Tom's mission!

Dr Tom Mulholland is an Emergency Department Doctor and GP with over 25 years’ experience in New Zealand. As most of what Dr Tom sees in his current role in Auckland City hospital emergency Department is preventable, he has decided to go on the road for the next five years in his retro ambulance doing house calls and trying to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff.
Dr Tom and his team are going old school doing house calls and trying to raise $1 million for St John ambulance. USL are thrilled to be partners with Dr Tom on a Mission helping to make a difference in the community and nationwide; finding and fixing diseases before it's too late.


Further Information about USL

Corporate Social Responsibility

USL is a NZ-owned, private company comitted to becoming a world class supplier of healthcare products to the New Zealand market. We realise that with this goal comes responsibllity for the impact we have on society and the wider community that we operate in.


Environmental Policy

USL has a long term commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe, as responsible corporate citizens, we must address the issues of environmentally sustainable practices relating to all aspects of our business demonstrating care, respect, and compassion for our people, the broader community and the environment.


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