Sustainable growth

The USL business has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1984. Growth has been achieved by building enduring partnerships with customers, suppliers and our community. We set out to create the very best environment for our team so that they can deliver their unique skills to our markets.

Since 1984, USL has grown to be a significant supplier in the healthcare market of New Zealand. We supply a wide range of products to professionals nationwide in primary healthcare. We are suppliers to all public hospitals in New Zealand. Today we have a significant presence in pharmacy and retail sectors.

We always remember that USL is much more than just an office and a warehouse full of stock, it is a service that enhances the health of the community around us.

There are four parts to our business - all of which contribute equally to our ability to deliver our overall success:

Customers - they pay our wages. If we don’t look after them, someone else will. Our business will grow if we are 100% focused on our customers.

Suppliers - we must have good quality products to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations or they will get them from someone else.

Colleagues - we can’t operate without them. Our customers need them. Our suppliers need them. Without colleagues, there is no business. People are the business and people with the right attitude are critical to delivery of our promises and our success.

Community - we require a strong understanding of our social responsibilities and the role we can play within the wider community.