Health & Safety Policy

Creating a healthier tomorrow everyday

At USL, we envisage an environment where team members can enjoy their job, knowing that we’re dedicated to helping them work 100% accident free. 

We believe that:

  • Accidents are preventable
  • Team members have the right to work safely and to speak up about safety concerns
  • Safety can co-exist with production priorities
  • Everyone is responsible for the safety of themselves and others
  • Legal compliance is a minimum standard to achieve
  • Managers must maintain an understanding of safety systems and principles
  • All team members have the opportunity to participate in safety improvements
  • Good safety behaviour will be rewarded. Unacceptable safety behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Injuries and near miss events are reported accurately on every occasion
  • Management is accountable for all injuries
  • Safety conversations are included at all management and operational meetings 

We will be measured by continual improvement in these beliefs.