USL and the Environment

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Along with our partners, USL is committed to delivering against our sustainable and environmental programmes. This is either via product research and development, or simply enhancing the way we do business. Environmentally aware, our aim is to incorporate our policies for the environment into all projects and continue to improve our efficiency and standards. 

We have a strong commitment to use technology to increase efficiency in our workplace practices.  We use our website and email systems to keep customers up-to-date with changes in our services, rather than paper based information trails.

We do encourage staff to use recycling and other energy efficient practices in their home life as a follow on from what we practice at work. 

Our waste management programme includes:

  • C-Bus lighting system throughout all office areas
  • Energy efficient (LED) lighting in both the office and warehouse environment
  • Daylight harvesting and light sensors for warehouse lighting
  • Recycling ink cartridges for office printers - collected by a specialist company
  • Recycling bins at convenient places in the office for cans, bottles and plastic
  • Regular collection for recycling paper rubbish
  • Hazardous waste sorted and separated into specific bins
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Our partners 

USL is very genuinely committed to the conservation, protection and enhancement of our environment, and we conduct our activities with a high standard of environmental care.  Accordingly, we place similar expectations on our suppliers and encourage all of them to support sustainable practices, and adopt a similar process of continuous improvement in the sourcing of products. 


USL works closely with our freight supplier PBT to manage and continually improve the order delivery and fulfilment of shipments. Some of the initiatives that have been implemented and have subsequently cut 'waste' out of the process are:

  • Agreed order placement days
  • Agreed order delivery day and timeframes
  • Split order placement by bulk (pallet) fast moving lines, and standard carton lines
  • Reduction in handling of freight by having on-site personnel


Stationery for internal use is recycled where appropriate. We have preferred suppliers, those with environmental policies and a commitment to recycling. The cleaning products that we use are all environmentally friendly and minimise pollutants.  

More recent eco-friendly initiatives

  • Reusing cardboard cartons for carton fill – totally eliminating plastic packing in our warehouse
  • Installation of Electric car charging stations onsite helps improve the environment and is one step to removing barriers for our staff to invest in EV’s or Hybrid vehicles - by offering free charging while they are at work. 
  • Improvements on plastic reduction in our USL product packaging (Crepe’s, conforming, aprons)

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